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Overview of Services at Pravin Amar

South African Flag Pravin Amar is a 100% black-owned and managed South African business

Making Skills Development a Priority

We have had 20 years of success in consulting and the demand for training in the areas of project management and contract management have led us to expand our services from development consultancy to the field of education and training.

We specialise in both Local Government and Services Sector offering a wide range of learning programmes. Our Programmes are unit standard aligned and can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation

Although our focus area is training and development we also offer our clients the services of Skills Development Facilitator and Policies and Procedures development. Our specialist consultants offer assistance and guidance in ....


Latest Publications

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  •  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    • Data Capture
    • Data Compilation
    • Data Manipulation and Analysis
      • Zoning Maps
      • Land Use Management
      • Environmental Management
      • Development Research

     Project Management

    • Project Viability Assessment
    • Management of low-income housing projects
    • Community facilities through conception, planning, implementation and monitoring

     Town & Regional Planning

    • Site analysis, evaluation and preparation
    • Site layout
    • Settlement planning
    • Rezoning, special consent, building line relaxation and ancillary applications in terms of the Town Planning Ordinance No. 27 of 1949
    • Representation at appeals and waiver of penalty applications in terms of Ordinance 27 of 1949
    • Socio-economic surveys and feasibility studies

     Policy Analysis & Formulation

    • Evaluation of existing policies
    • Formulation of policies with focus on municipal housing, water and related development sectors
    • Research and Development

     Legislative Planning

    • Integrated Development Planning (IDPs) in terms of Section 20 of the Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000)
    • Water Services Development Plan in terms of the Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997)
    • Catchment Management Plans and Catchment Management Strategies in terms of the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998)
    • Integrated Transport Plans in terms of Section 27 of the National Land Transportation Transition Act (No. 22 of 2000)

     Development Applications

    • Township establishment including the formulation of the Conditions of Establishment and Landuse Conditions
    • Development of facilitation applications in terms of the Development Facilitation Act of 1995
    • Permit Applications e.g. Trade Schedule Permits and Sandwinning Permits
    • Ancillary Applications

     Property Management

    • Project Feasibility Studies
    • Management of Property Portfolios
    • Administration and Management of properties including services relating to leasing, selling, marketing, rent collection and facilities management

     Environmental Services

    • Environmental Impact Assessments
    • Facilitation; coordination; formulation; monitoring and evaluation of Environmental Management Plans
    • Environmental Management Systems in terms of ISO 14000
    • General assessments and advice on environmental issues
    • Social Impact Assessments
    • Environmental sustainability analysis
    • Representation at EIA Appeals

     Skills Development Training

    • SETA accredited
    • Facilitation of stakeholders
    • Establishment of stakeholder forums in terms of legal requirements, ie. National Environmental Management Act and National Water Act
    • Management and Administration
    • Facilitation of environmental and development mental project
    • Mediation in environmental and development

     Development & Environmental Training

    • Facilitation of stakeholder participation
    • Establishment of stakeholder forums in terms of legal requirements such as the National Environmental Management Act and the National Water Act
    • Management and administration of fora
    • Facilitation of environmental and developmental projects
    • Mediation in environmental and development conflicts, e.g. Social Compacts & Good Neighbour Committees